Adaptive Equipment and Technology

There is a world of adaptive technology and it is constantly changing. Our instructors strive to continue to keep up with the trends. Together, we can figure out the best equipment to meet your specific needs. Adaptive equipment ranges from simple signature guides to help you sign documents to computer software that can enlarge or read what is on your computer screen.

Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be very tricky for different kinds of visual impairments. Our instructors have a wide selection of sunglasses that come in a variety of colors.

A variety of magnifying devices, including hand, stand, illuminated, and non-illuminated magnifiers, can help you when you’re doing work at a table. Telescopic devices can help you to watch TV, read street signs or view a movie or sporting event.

No matter what your needs are, our staff will work with you to find solutions to maximize your independence.


Electronic Magnification Systems

There are a large variety of electronic magnification systems (often referred to as Closed circuit television, CCTV, or video magnification systems). VABVI has a few different models that are used for demonstration purposes. VABVI also has a lease program through which you can lease a CCTV if the purchase cost is prohibitive.

In Vermont, Medicaid will cover the cost of a CCTV for individuals who have full Medicaid coverage and an advanced vision impairment that can be enhanced through video magnification. All Medicaid CCTV evaluations and training are conducted by VABVI.


For more information, please contact Dan Norris at 802-505-4006 ext. 101 or email