Peer Assisted Learning and Support Group (PALS)

VABVIWide_0004_Layer 10The PALS Groups provide a forum for adult clients to gather; share ideas and feelings, learn about a variety of visually impaired-related topics, and aids and appliances; and ultimately receive support and encouragement from others going through similar challenges. Currently, there are 11 groups meeting twice monthly around the state, each with a VABVI professional to facilitate the program.

During the session, clients will have the opportunity to meet others who are also experiencing diminished vision, receive instruction from a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, a Certified Low Vision Therapist, a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist; and listen to a guest speaker on a topic of general interest. Understanding what others have experienced will help you better understand your own vision loss and encourage you to accept the loss and learn skills necessary to get on with living. Some of the goals of the PALS program are to:

  • Build the confidence of visually impaired adults by teaching them effective Orientation and Mobility skills;
  • Educate clients on ways to cope with vision loss, and how everyday tasks can be modified and handled;
  • Encourage them to try out aids and appliances, and develop group interaction skills.
  • Minimize the feelings of isolation and depression often associated with vision loss.
  • Provide opportunities to be involved in the community by participating in activities and outings.