Award Winning Staff


We would like to honor our current and former award winning staff!


Kathy Lawrence
Stephanie Bissonette
Jeff Schroeder
Steve Pouliot
Kerry Clifford



Northeast Association of the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (NE/AER) Award Winners

Kerry Clifford – Excellence in Direct Services to Children (2017)

Stephanie Bissonette – Excellence in Direct Service to Children (2015)

Jeff Schroeder – Excellence in Direct Service to Adults (2015)

Kathy Lawrence – Excellence in Direct Service to Children (2008)

Jules Cote – Fr. Thomas Carroll Award (1992)


Additional Award Winning Staff

Steve Pouliot – VisionServe Alliance Program Leadership Award (2014)

VABVI – S. Whitney Landon Memorial Award (2005)


Team Awards

Vermont Intensive Residential Life Experience Team VABVI/DBVI – NE/AER Team Award (2006)

Vermont Connections Team – NE/AER Team Award (2010)