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A big THANK YOU from Alek, an active client in VABVI.

Thank you for caring.

Reading a book, making dinner, watching television, folding laundry; this list may look like ordinary tasks that take place in your everyday life. These simple tasks become more difficult for people with vision impairment or blindness. Our mission is to enable Vermonters with vision problems, whether blindness or impairment, to achieve and maintain independence.

With your contribution, VABVI can help by providing new solutions and resources to those with vision loss or blindness. We also pride ourselves by offering hands on support and training for Vermont’s children with visual impairments. The tools and materials that are necessary for these children to succeed are funded thanks to your donations!

Thanks to your generosity, VABVI can continue provide services to over 1,500 blind, or visually impaired Vermonters every day.

Other Ways To Support Us:

      • Give through TD Bank: Use our code: AF887. Every new checking account started will donate $50 to our association. For every existing checking account, $10 will be donated. Be sure to use our code to make your contribution today!

For more info on making donations, contact Katie Shappy in the Development Office at or 802-863-1358 ext. 219