Other Services

The Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired has more than 200 volunteers who donate their time by driving, reading, shopping, or providing companionship to our clients. If you need any of these services please call the volunteer coordinator who is closest to your city or town.


One of the most vital services that VABVI provides is transportation. The demographics of the clients who utilize our transportation are primarily older adults who enjoyed good vision most of their lives and are now coping with age-related vision loss. Vermont is a rural state with a scattered, low-density population distribution, limited public transit, and practically no public transportation systems that run beyond town boundaries. There is no statewide public transportation system, such as a commuter rail infrastructure.

VABVI’s transportation program provides statewide transit for our clients. The program goes beyond the barriers of geography and time that other transportation services enforce, and it gives volunteers an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of their visually impaired neighbors. Funded in part with state and federal dollars, VABVI’s program coordinates the services of our volunteer drivers with those of paid drivers, cab services, and para-transit services to eliminate service gaps and provide a system of transportation that is reliable throughout the state.

Assistant Volunteer Coordinators

Brattleboro: De Haskell at 877- 350-8840 – dhaskell@vabvi.org

Berlin: Cathie Peller at 877-350-8838 – cpeller@vabvi.org

Rutland: Tina Pelkey at 877-350-8839 – cpelkey@vabvi.org

South Burlington: Samantha O’Brien at 800- 639-5861, ext 211 – sobrien@vabvi.org