How to Make a Referral for Adults

VABVIWide_0013_Layer 1It is easy to refer a person for our services who is blind or visually impaired.

Referrals for Adults call toll free (800) 639-5861 ext. 230 and speak to our Intake Coordinator, Kim Irish-Aldrich.

The Referral Process:

1. Call 800-639-5861 ext. 230 and speak to the Intake Coordinator, Kim Irish-Aldrich, who will provide a brief overview of services available to help you or a loved one.

2. A certified instructor will call to schedule a home visit and get directions to your home.

3. An assessment will be conducted to identify your goals and set a plan of action in place. A low vision evaluation will also be conducted to determine if magnification will be helpful.

4. Our service is client-driven. Ongoing home visits will occur until all options have been explored, unless you choose otherwise.

Referrals can be received by mail or phone; from doctors, health care providers, family members, friends or individuals themselves.

All of our rehabilitation training is free of charge to our clients!