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Stay up to date on issues affecting blind and visually impaired Vermonters




Berlin Office

Adult Services

Jerry Doody, ASP  1-877-350-8838  x.333

Etsuro Nishiyachi, ASP  1-877-350-8838  x.111

Dan Norris, Director of Adult Services, ASP  1-877-350-8838  x.101

Sheila Thurston, ASP  1-877-350-8838  x.104

Children Services

Dan Howarth, TVI   1-877-350-8838  x.103

Dr. Callie Brusegaard, TVI   1-877-350-8838  x.301

Emily Cooney, TVI, Special Educator & Elementary Educator  1-877-350-8838

Administrative Staff

 Cathie Peller, 1-877-350-8838


Brattleboro Office

Adult Services

Melinda Underwood, ASP  1-877-350-8840  x. 4

Children Services

Virginia Goodman, TVI, COMS, CATIS

Administrative Staff

De Haskell, 1-877-350-8840,


Rutland Office

Adult Services

Jack Trainor, ASP, 1-877-350-8839  x.12

Julia Soleau, ASP, 1-877-350-8839   x.18

Children Services

Eric Shaw, TVI & COMS, Statewide consultant for Orientation & Mobility   1-877-350-8893  x.14

Administrative Staff

Tina Bashaw,  1-877-350-8839  x.10


South Burlington Office

Adult Services

Sharon Wille-Padnos, ASP,  1-800-639-5861   x.220

Children Services

Stephanie Bissonette, Director of Children Services, TVI, COMS  1-800-639-5861  x.225,

Steph Carmichael, TVI, COMS, Statewide consultant for Early Childhood   1-800-639-5861  x. 240

Sara Dessau, TVI, COMS, Statewide consultant for Intensive Needs  1-800-639-5861 x.218

Amy Gates, TVI  1-800-639-5861  x.229

Shelby Glass, COMS  1-800-639-5861  x.221

Alison Hampson, TVI  1-800-639-5861  x.239

Jeanne Neu, TVI  1-800-639-5861  x.216

Julie Vinikoor, TVI  1-800-639-5861  x.226

Hope Watson, TVI, Statewide consultant for Neurological Visual Impairments  1-800-639-5861  x.227

Administrative Staff

Steve Pouliot, Executive Director , 1-800-639-5861  x.233

Bob Wagoner, Controller  1-800-639-5861  x.234

Monique Fox, Office Manager, 1-800-639-5861  x. 231

Linda Steinmiller, Aids & Appliances, 1-800-639-5861  x. 222

Diane Stech, Reception, 1-800-639-5861  x.210

Andrea Hershberg, Intake Coordinator, 1-800-639-5861  x.214

Vicki Vest,  Volunteer Coordinator, 1-800-639-5861  x.243

Samantha O'Brien, Billing, 1-800-639-5861  x.244

John Thomas, Director of Development, 1-800-639-5861  x.224

Samantha Gougher, Development Assistant, 1-800-639-5861  x.

Stay up to date on issues affecting blind and visually impaired Vermonters